Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One year, one month and eleven days of Disco Delivery..

I originally planned to do this on the one year anniversary of the blog, so yes, I'm way late with this.. I figure better now than never though.

Anyway, just wanted to do a look back at some selections from the 2006 blog entries, just in case anyone missed any. I originally planned to put all of the files back up for a limited period of time, but I figured that would take a bit too much time to re-rip (given that my early rips were shit) and to find file space, so I figure this was the next best thing.

Soon, to follow-up on this I will be re-posting the files (plus one more) from the first entry on The Supremes' Mary Scherrie & Susaye LP.. If anyone out there hasn't heard The Supremes' "Come Into My Life," now's your chance.. Possibly the best thing ever done by The Supremes. Ever. It's that good.

Thanks to everyone who has linked me, left me comments and sent me emails over the past year. It's much appreciated!


The Supremes - Come Into My Life
from Disco Delivery #1
Norma Jean Wright - Sorcerer (12'' Version)
from Disco Delivery #2
Frisky - You've Got Me Dancing In My Sleep
from Disco Delivery #3
Wilson Pickett - Groove City
from Disco Delivery #4
Giorgio Moroder - Utopia-Me Giorgio
from Disco Delivery #5
First Choice - The Player
from Disco Delivery #6
Sylvester - Sex (An Ian Levine Remix)
from Disco Delivery #7
Cissy Houston - Think It Over
from Disco Delivery #8
Karen Silver - Make Me Feel Alright
from Disco Delivery #9
Linda Clifford - Runaway Love (12'' Version)
from Disco Delivery #10
Phylicia Allen - Around The World
from Disco Delivery #11
Damon Harris - It's Music
from Disco Delivery #12
Madleen Kane - Let's Make Love
from Disco Delivery #13
Suzi Lane - Ooh La La
from Disco Delivery #14
Brenda & The Tabulations - Let's Go All The Way (Down) (Extended Version)
from Disco Delivery #16
Claudja Barry - Dance, Dance, Dance (A Tom Moulton Mix)
from Disco Delivery #18
The Mike Theodore Orchestra - High On Mad Mountain
from Disco Delivery #19
Hott City - Feelin' Love
from Disco Delivery #20
Beautiful Bend - Ah-Do It
from Disco Delivery #21
Spinners - One, One, Two, Two, Boogie Woogie Avenue (Home Of The Boogie, House Of The Funk
from Disco Delivery #22
Duncan Sisters - Boys Will Be Boys
from Disco Delivery #23
Love & Kisses - Accidental Lover
from Disco Delivery #24
Rinder & Lewis - Blue Steel
from Disco Delivery #25
A Taste of Honey - Dance
from Disco Delivery #26
Noel - Dancing Is Dangerous/Is There More To Life Than Dancing?
from Disco Delivery #27
Montana - Warp Factor II
from Disco Delivery #28
First Choice - Pressure Point
from Disco Delivery #29
Isaac Hayes Movement - Disco Connection
from Disco Delivery #30

Tantra - The Hills Of Katmandu
from Fly with you to the misty hills of Katmandu..
The Sisters Love - Give Me Your Love (Danny Krivit Re-edit)
from Give Me Your Love..
Eve John - Mutual Physical Attraction
from Mutual... physical... attraction

**Files will be up for exactly two weeks from today**



matt said...

A beautiful blog. Thanks for all you work.

Tommy said...

Thanks matt! :)

gloriamundi said...


Your blog is best disco blog!

1dude said...

It must have been longer than that, wasn't it?? Anyway, congrats, keep it up!;))

fomo said...

amazing knowledge, what more can i say.

Tommy said...

Thanks for the comments everyone :)

lol yes 1dude, it's been just over a year now. Sometimes it feels like it's been longer, other times it feels like yesterday.. What can I say though, time flies! :)

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