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One of the little spin-offs that has come about, largely through this blog, has been in writing liner note essays for disco CD reissues. I figured the blog would be the ideal place to document some of that work, and while I won't be reprinting the essays in full for the time being (at least not while the releases are in print), I thought this would be a good place to at least give some background on what I had written and help promote these releases, as well.. Read more on my post from February 2014 - Disco Delivery Liner Notes.

(10/31/14) Deadly Disco: Rinder & Lewis - Gluttony
(06/06/14) Patrick Adams Presents Phreek (1978, Atlantic / 2014, BBR/Cherry Red)
(02/07/14) Candido - Dancin' & Prancin' (1979, Salsoul / 2012, BBR/Cherry Red)
(02/03/14) Disco Delivery Liner Notes

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