Monday, February 03, 2014

Disco Delivery Liner Notes

In the last two/three years or so, one of the little spin-offs that has come about, largely through this blog, has been in writing liner note essays for disco CD reissues. Despite what has been said about the demise of the CD; the market, or at least the activity around disco reissues seems like it has never been more fruitful than in these last several years. Those of you who've been following the Disco Discharge/Recharge series on Harmless and labels like Funkytown Grooves, Big Break Records/Cherry Red or Gold Legion can probably attest to that.

I have to thank writer and PopMatters contributing editor Christian John Wikane firstly, for approaching me and giving me the opportunity to add my words to these reissues and help document the stories around these records. While I haven't worked on a large quantity of releases so far, it has provided some wonderful opportunities not just in giving context to these records, but also in getting to speak to some of the people - the artists, producers and singers behind the material in a way that I wouldn't have imagined just several years ago.

That being said, I figured the blog would be the ideal place to document some of that work, and without reprinting the essays in full (at least not while the releases are in print), at least give some background to them and a perhaps little bit of promotion at the same time. There is, compared to what I do here on the blog, certain limitations that come with the space in a CD booklet of course, some material that while compelling to me, won't necessarily fit on the essay and some corrections/clarifications after the fact, so that's at least part of what I hope to document here..

I'll soon be adding a little link on the sidebar to all posts about my liner notes, as well as a post on one of the releases I was involved with last year, and hopefully go from there as they surface..



Silk Electric said...

Hey that's good to hear. I didn't know you did liner notes for CDs. I'm sure I have bought some of those reissues with your notes on them.

It's Gabriel here.
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Tommy said...

Thanks Gabriel! There haven't been that many so far, but I know you keep up with the reissues, so maybe you already do have one or two of them.. Thanks again!

P.S. Looks like you put my tumblr URL instead of yours ( - which is fabulous, if I haven't already said so! ;)

Jason Fist said...

Look forward to reading them!

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