Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mix Fix #1: Let's Go Downtown

Photo credit: GarySe7en @ Flickr

Thinking of maybe making this, a selection of my favourite mixes, a semi-regular thing here. What with some of the links that end up in my inbox and the others I've been exposed to lately via mix-sharing sites like Soundcloud (best new social sharing site, IMO), I don't think I've ever really listened to this many mixes before. Perhaps one of these days I might, just might even get one of my own up. For now though, there's plenty of excellent stuff out there.

To start things off, recently I was sent a killer 40 minute boogie mix by The Broadway Sounds. No-nonsense, straightforward mixing, great track selection and enough funky synth and slap-bass to get things up and moving.

Broadway Sounds - C'mon Baby Let's Go Downtown Mix (download link)
Tracklist: Alvie John - "Give It All To Me" / Motion - "Emotion" / Lonnie Jordan - "Fine Foxy Lady" / Plush - "Free & Easy" / Flight - "Flying High" / Krystol - "Don't Change Your Ways" / Titus Williams - "Give Me Some Love Tonight" / Brenda Hillard - "Give Me All Of Your Love"

Sean Wolcott, one half of The Fascination Movement and formerly of the abruptly, but dearly departed blog, The Red Room (apparently taken down without notice, even to him) recently brought this to my attention. The Fascination Movement have an album in the works and not too long ago released their new single "Bringing Down The Walls". This mix was posted as a little companion to that on the AUBE Records blog. Only streaming at the moment Sean just provided a download link, definitely one of the best Italo-flavoured mixes I've heard lately. Tracklist and info HERE.

The Fascination Movement - DJ Sets Vol. 2 (download link)

Was recently turned on to Monorail's Monoblog via a recent posting on Beat Electric, having posted a killer boogie mix by Beat Electric's BT Magnum recently, just posted the fourth in their Riders Mix Series last week by one of my favourites, Codebreaker's Steven Hawley (see posting on their "Follow Me" single). Serously awesome mix with all the hyper, funked-up synthy excitement one would hear on a Codebreaker record. No tracklist at this time, but highly recommended.

Riders Mix #4: Together We Can Be Free - A DJ Mix by Steven Hawley of Codebreaker

In more Italo stuff, The good people at the Valerie Collective recently posted a mix by Italo Disco veteran Fred Ventura. For those who enjoy neo-Italo and who have yet to hear about this, just for the record, the Valerie Collective's "Valerie and Friends" compilation is a must-hear. Tracklist and info HERE.

Fred Ventura - Disco Relix Mixtape

In more straight-ahead disco territory, Professor Eddy, another D.D. friend and favourite (whose mixes I've posted previously) recently uploaded a sexy, funked up classic disco set up on Mixcloud. Great combination of well-appointed disco favourites like Beautiful Bend and funk treasures like the Chicago Gangsters. Tracklist & info HERE.

Professor Eddy - Steamy Soul, Funk & Disco

For those who haven't heard it yet, American Athlete's Pat Les Stache just posted a live mix from last month at the Go Bang! Party in San Francisco. With that many can't-go-wrong disco classics, it's a must-hear. Was in the Vancouver area at one point last year and am regretting not making it out to Seattle for Pat & T.M.L's HMA Studio parties now.

Pat Les Stache at Go BANG! 10-24-09 San Francisco Debut Set! by Go BANG!

Dick Gustavsson of Sweden, an old friend of this blog put up a seriously awesome podcast fairly recently on Podomatic. The mix for Autumn is one that I've been digging recently. Straight to the point, nothing but the funky goods. Nearly an hour of pure pleasure..

DixMix: Autumn Leaves

A mix from 2006, The Beat Broker recently put his Italo Keepers mix up on Soundcloud. Ace mix of some off-the-beaten path Italo Disco. Tracklist and info HERE.

Italo Keepers by the Beat Broker


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