Thursday, August 18, 2022

Disco Delivery Mix #9: Guest Mix for Sunshine After Dark

Dusting off the blog to post a guest mix I did for John Huck (AKA Wijit) and his Disco show, Sunshine After Dark. Two years ago at the onset of the pandemic, I largely put any DJing to the side not really knowing what was waiting on the other side, however I've been starting to hit the decks and play records outside of the apartment again. Did my first public DJ gig in over two years recently at The Little Jerry, a lovely listening bar here in Toronto (check them out if you're ever in the Toronto area and want to hear great local selectors on a top sound system), so John's invitation came along at just the right time!

Thanks again to John for having me do this mix! Do check out his blog and Mixcloud where you can find out more information and listen to other past episodes.

Sunshine After Dark broadcasts online and on the radio out of CJSR 88.5 FM in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada every Thursday at 7 PM Mountain Time (0100 UTC), re-broadcasting Tuesdays on CKXU in Lethbridge, AB and Wednesdays on CHMA in Sackville, NB.

Note: The version on Mixcloud (and in the download link below) has an extra track at the end that was cut for time. Enjoy the mix!



Rick James & The Stone City Band - Get Up And Dance
The Earls - Get On Up And Dance (The Continental)
Sam-Jam - Dance And Chant
Pure Energy - When You're Dancin'
Herbie Hancock - Tell Everybody (Disco Version)
Roundtree - Hit On You (Remix)
Busta Jones - (Everybody's) Dancin' All Over The World
Blonde On Blonde - Whole Lotta Love
Angella Dean - World X
Donna Summer - Now I Need You
Kongas - Tatoo Woman


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