Saturday, June 29, 2013

Disco Delivery Mix #1: Disco Pride

A little overwhelmed by all the things happening on Pride/Canada Day long weekend here in Toronto, and I'm still keeping my schedule pretty light, all things considered. Tonight, to quote Fab - "the biggest disco queen of the 21st Century," Hard Ton is performing at the Hotnuts party, which judging from the videos, promises to be all kinds of mindfucking awesome insanity that I'm not even sure I'm going to be ready for. Also, the people at the 519 Community Centre, in their Green Space right in the heart of the gay village are reserving Sunday (same day as the parade) for their first Disco Disco event, bringing in legendary Montreal Disco DJ, Robert Ouimet who was perhaps the most influential disco DJ in Canada back in the day. For a little background, there's a great interview with the man in Cashbox Canada (yes, evidently they still exist!). Along with local DJ boys A Digital Needle and Phil V (even if you don't know him by name, you've probably seen him dancing), Canadian disco diva Patsy Gallant will be topping things off with a special performance in the evening. So glad Monday's a holiday..

With all the pride week stuff happening; in the last few days or so I got the inkling to put together a Pride-themed mix. Honestly, I've never recorded a mix before, and while I have Traktor (which I've barely used), I unfortunately still don't have the DJ controller to go with it yet, so apologies for the lack of actual mixing involved. As well, being new to things, these are mostly full songs too, so it's a bit of a doozy. Hope those of you who do listen will find the selections interesting, anyway.

Disco Pride Mix by Disco Delivery on Mixcloud

Given the pride theme, most selections have been chosen for both obvious and not so obvious gay themes/references and general relevance (and occasional campiness). Some are well-worn gay disco staples (hat-tip to Rev. Carl), others are not. Either way, happy listening and happy pride!


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