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Keep It Coming..

Keep It Coming featuring Lorna - K.I.C. (Keep It Coming) (1979, Unidisc)
Keep It Coming featuring Lorna - K.I.C. (Keep It Coming) (Instrumental) (1979, Unidisc)

Some more Can-Con for everyone..

This single is another little something I picked up a few months back.. This record is really nothing more and nothing less that a totally fun slice of Montreal disco curiously credited to an act named after the song itself. Although for whatever reason the 12'' single doesn't list any production credits, I'm assuming though that this is actually the first Canadian release of the act Hydro featuring Lorna (full name: Lorna Di Fiore, according to Discogs), given that this is the same version as on the Hydro featuring Lorna (1979, Prism) LP. According to the production credits on that album and on subsequent releases of this single under the Hydro name, this record is yet another one co-produced with the ubiquitous Joe LaGreca along with Joe Marandola. Marandola and LaGreca had also produced the studio act Kat Mandu as well as singer Melody Stewart, to name a couple. Given all that, not surprisingly, this record undoubtedly has that trademark Montreal sound: a little rough around the edges, but delivered with a real infectious energy along with a healthy portion of percussion..

One thing which I absolutely dig about this track is the horn section with that killer hook/refrain they've got going on. As far as the vocals go, well, not quite as much... Honestly though, it's really all about the horns on this one. With the way they totally work them into the groove on here, they coulda sang any ole thing and it really wouldn't have mattered.. Anyway, just in case someone out there thinks I'm dissing the vocals, really, I'm not.. Even though they aren't exactly the stuff disco divadom is made of, there is a certain, shall we say, imperfect perfection to them that totally works for this. A track like this one really needed no more than a uncomplicated vocal and lyric, and the singer is more than capable of that, at least. In spite whatever limitations she may have had (or that the song itself may have), her sound has a certain unpretentious, exuberant girlish charm about it that compliments things perfectly, even if she sounds a tad 'green' and fogged up in the mix.. It's as if somebody who was making a record knew a friend of a friend who knew another friend who knew someone that could possibly carry a tune and would be free for a quick session after work, say, Thursday night at six.. Or maybe I'm totally off-base and she was a much more accomplished singer then it seemed, who knows? Either way, whatever their shortcomings, the vocals are absolutely perfect for this, adding a good deal of energy and life to the whole thing.. That said, in case anyone wants to hear this track without the vocals, hopefully the instrumental version here will do it for you..

I also have to say that this record reminds me somewhat of Empress' "Dyin' To Be Dancin'" from '81 on the Prelude label. Although one's a template Montreal disco groove and the other has that early 80's New York post-disco boogie thing going on, both records have those unpretentious, girlish, and slightly off-centre vocals mixed with a fun, infectious party-down kinda vibe..

Strangely, despite being recorded in Montreal by Montreal producers and musicians, I have yet to actually find a Canadian release of the Hydro featuring Lorna LP. I haven't actually found one in person and all of the copies still available on the 'net are US releases on the Prism label, which evidently released a great deal of Unidisc product Stateside back in the day.. If anyone can confirm the existence (or non-existence) of a Canadian release of the Hydro LP, I'd love to know about it.. Update: A kind reader, Kris David just confirmed the existence of a Canadian pressing of the Hydro featuring Lorna album on the Unidisc label.. Thanks Kris! Evidently and ironically, Canadian pressings of the Hydro LP seem to be rarer than the US ones (at least in my experience, both online and offline)..





Anonymous said...

Hi, ¿ Tommy ?

Here Ramón from Spain. Congratulations for your Blog full of great disco (really disco and not dance, thanks god) music. I`m discovering a lot of this music thanks to you. Most of it is new for me but it sounds so really good. Thank you very much, again.

BoogieMan said...

Wow, I was curious and, did a little searching. It appears, you're right about this being Hydro's Lorna:
Also, another curiosity; this Lorna released a 12" Single in 1984 called "Where The Boys Are". Funny thing is, in 1984, a remake of the 60's movie by the same name was released featuring a single ("Where The Boys Are") sung by one of the cast members, that was also released in 1984. The cast member/singer, was none other than Lorna Luft (Judy Garlands daughter/ Liza Minnelli's half sister). I have the single. Unfortunately, and coincidentally, she's not much of a voalist either. I've listened to both yours and mine but, the different styles of music make a comparison difficult. Hmmm, wouldn't that be something? Great post BTW!

BoogieMan said...

More coincidence. Hydro's Lorna, according to Discogs, released her "Where The Boys Are" on the Epic label ( Lorna Luft released her "Where The Boys Are" on the CBS label. CBS owned Epic until Sony purchased it in 1988. I know, I'm grasping at straws here.

BoogieMan said...

Sorry Tommy, I think I'm onto something here. If the entry for Lorna, at Discogs, is correct. It would appear that Joel Diamond produced both records. That is, assuming they are two different Lornas. It's staring to look like they may be one in the same. One heck of a coincidence, would be the other explanation.

Tommy said...

Hello Ramón! Thanks for the kind words :) I hope to being some more treats soon! ;)

Hey DungeonDJ, thanks for the comments! :).. Yeah, I remember reading about Lorna Luft's "Where The Boys Are" single before, so I suspected that the Lorna of Hydro and of "Where The Boys Are" were different despite both being in the same entry. That was why I was hesitant to mention it in the blog to begin with.

I'm thinking having the two listed in the same entry must have been an omission by the Discogs moderators (which unfortunately seems to have repeated itself on some eBay listings). I suppose it would be an easy one to make if one hadn't heard either track, especially with the both the Lorna Di Fiore and Lorna Luft records both credited to just 'Lorna' and on the disco/dance side of things..

BoogieMan said...

Yeah, I kinda figured it was a misprint or misplaced Discogs entry but, it WAS fun while it lasted. LOL:D

Mark said...

This track is adorable! I WANT it on my turntable like three weeks ago!! I know just the kinds of adorable moves the 22 year- old me would have done to this, gotta say it one mo' time, adorable [!] track out on the floor back in the day. THANKS!!

NEL said...

Very nice the disco sound..thanks a lot!!

Tommy said...

Hey DungeonDJ.. haha yeah, I suppose it is nice to have that little thing cleared up somewhere hehe..

Hey Mark! I've never heard this or any other track described that way, but you're right, it's totally adorable! :) Anyway, glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :) I'd probably get some painful glares if anyone saw the dance moves that I make to this song haha :P

Hey Nel! No problem at all.. I'm glad you enjoy it! :) Thanks for the comment! :)

Johnny said...

I love Empress' "Dyin' To Be Dancin'", just bought the CD single recently. But this here is definitely no Dyin', cliche'd junk, sorry.

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