Thursday, August 03, 2006

New deal for Donna

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Great news for Donna fans.. It's always great to see artists like Donna get a break. It seems the only way a veteran artist over 40 can get anything out these days is by doing one of those mucky standards albums..

Just recently Donna & her people released a press release announcing her new deal with the Sony/BMG label Burgundy Records ( For those of you who don't know, the Burgundy label was launched this past January with Chaka Khan (can't wait for her new album!) and Aaron Neville as their first signings. Targeted toward "legendary artists" (ie. who don't fit into labels' increasingly youth-oriented focus), it seemed the perfect label for Donna. As soon as the label launched, fans have been speculating about them signing her ever since. In any case, I'm glad she finally has a solid record deal. I've always assumed that if any label was going to release a new album for her, it would be Universal or one of their affiliated labels.. For one thing, they have their own label, similar in concept to Burgundy, called New Door Records. According to a press release, the New Door label was made to "release new material from artists with existing Universal catalog," which also seemed to fit perfectly. Also, the people at Universal have been, shall we say, generous, in releasing compilation after compilation of her hits. A notable exception though was her latest single "I Got Your Love" which they released last year. For a change, that was a stand-alone release not connected to any hits compilation or anything else. I assumed there was to be something bigger on the horizon for them to be testing the waters like that; unfortunately, aside from it doing well on the club charts (as expected), nothing else really came from it. All things considered, it's too bad Universal seemed to see Donna these days as only a catalogue artist..

Anyway, without further ado, here's the press release as posted on Donna's official site:



New York, NY – July 2006 – BURGUNDY RECORDS, SONY BMG’s new record label, announced today the signing of legendary singer songwriter DONNA SUMMER.
“Donna Summer is a perfect fit for Burgundy and we couldn’t be happier to be working with her. She is an absolute legend – a classic and timeless vocalist who still has a great deal of demand and viability within the marketplace,” says Joe DiMuro, EVP/General Manager of Burgundy Records.

"I'm excited and very eager to get started. Let the games begin. It's great to have Burgundy Records as my new musical family, “says Donna Summer.
Donna is scheduled to go into the studio this Fall to record her new album, which is currently in its initial planning stages.

Donna Summer is in good company on Burgundy Records, joining legendary artists Aaron Neville, America and Chaka Khan, all of whom have new records on the way.

About Burgundy Records:

Burgundy Records, an imprint under SONY BMG’s Strategic Marketing Group, signs legendary multi-platinum artists and releases new titles in conjunction with innovative marketing campaigns that promote their artists through traditional and non-traditional channels. Their roster includes Aaron Neville, America, Chaka Khan, Donna Summer and The New Orleans Social Club.

Sony BMG Music Entertainment is a global recorded music joint venture with a roster of current artists that includes a broad array of local artists and international superstars, as well as a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. Sony BMG Music Entertainment is 50% owned by Bertelsmann A.G. and 50% owned by Sony Corporation of America.

Can't wait to finally see this new album in the stores. It's been some fifteen years since her last original album, "Mistaken Identity" (1991, Atlantic) so it's long overdue to say the least.. Though it's good news she'll be in the studio, I'd also love to hear some of the unreleased tracks from her aborted "Angel" album. That album was supposed to come out on Epic/Sony before that deal fell through (more background on this at the Donna Tribute site and samples on her official site Though who knows, maybe some of those tracks will end up surfacing on this project as well. Wait and see, I guess...

Oh and please, please God, don't let it be a standards album.. Really, I just wish that god-awful trend would die already..





Anonymous said...

I have seen Donna Summer live, Wonderful show, hope she does get the show she was writing music for out, she sang a few songs, Loved them all, hope she releases a song barely avaible, "Sometimes Like Butterflies", have always loved her slow songs, very good set of pipes shes has, please tour in area again, i am in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's a lazy move to record a standards collection, but you must agree, if Donna did one, it would be wonderful, if you recall her flawless rendition of "Lush Life" on her self-titled 1982 release. Looking forward to what Donna releases next.

Anonymous said...

I am a truly DEVOTED fan of Donna Summer!! I am so excited for her to take off with a new recording release and to see her live in concert again! I have seen her 4 times and NEVER disappointed. Go Donna! Please come to the Mid-Atlantic, east coast. Philip Strait

Anonymous said...

Donna Summer is indeed a legendary singer songwriter and also a legendary performer.I have all of her live concert releases and she's absolutely great!Now, after releasing the Anthology, Endless Summer, The Journey, The Millennium Collection, The Ultimate Collection, Classic, Gold and other compilations, it's time for a studio album...Her voice is so perfect it should have been released long ago! Anyway... :)

Anonymous said...

hi ive been a fan of donna for many a years but not as much as i am a fan as there was a big gap...i would like to mention 2 things...will donna ever do a uk tour it would be ever so good if she did am sure she would do well over here in the uk many folk would love to see her was just a few weeks ago i found out she had writen dim all the lights for rod stewart and kept it for herself..i think that if her and rod teamed up and done that song as a duet that would make a save number 1 song in many parts of the world i hope many more agree ive asked around with folk and they agree....fingers crossed for it....xwx

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