Monday, January 16, 2006

Nudisco: Donna Summer - I Got Your Love

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All hail the queen! In case anyone hasn't heard, the Queen of Disco has a new single out - with ridiculously airbrushed cover photo, club friendly remixes and everything.. I really love this song though. Such a sleek and sublime track, vocally she's right on point. Some good remixes on it too (particularly the L.E.X. mixes).. I remember the buzz about this when it was first heard in an episode of Sex and the City and later this past summer when it was released as an iTunes exclusive. So far it seems to have done pretty well on the dance charts with what seems to be minimal promotion at best..

Hopefully the strength of this single will lead to an album deal of some sort, it's been years since her last proper one. On a slightly related note, former Sony chairman Tommy Mottola (who signed Donna to Epic in the late '90s, I believe) is now at the helm of the recently revived Casablanca/Universal imprint ( Since some of her latest releases have been through Universal and she's undoubtedly one of the original Casablanca's biggest artists, it would be ironic (yet somehow appropriate) if she was to be on the Casablanca label again all these years later. Looking at the new label's illustrious roster though, I'm not holding out much hope for that happening...

Since this is a fairly new release I won't be posting any mp3s for this one yet, but if you haven't already visited her website (, there are small samples of this latest single and some as yet unreleased songs that sound really really good if I do say so myself..

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JMG said...

I love this track. Some of the mixes, not so much. How I would love for Donna to get with a hip producer like Jacques Le Cont or the Pet Shop Boys.

Tommy said...

Yeah it would be great to have her collaborate with one or a few notable producers in the future. It'd be a great way to relaunch her again.. As if I remember hearing something a few years back about her collaborating with Linda Perry who was on a roll for a while there..

Anonymous said...

I can't say this song does too much for me, though after the horrendous "Power of Love" cover (and even worse mixes by Hani!!!) she turned out for the Luther tribute album, it looks golden. I'm of the mindset Deborah has her place these days...I say that because I'm willing to bet Deborah CAN sing "Dim All The Lights" without going breathless. Here's hoping to better singles :)

Tommy said...

Yeah Deborah Cox is definitely one of the top dance divas today, she's amazing, I agree.. I remember first seeing her in the Juno awards (Canada's Grammy equivalent) some 10 years back and being thrilled that we had our own R&B diva up here.. As good as she is though, she's no Donna Summer (at least to me, anyway) :P

Anonymous said...

I think Donna has been a victim of labels for many years. There's no excuse for releasing up to 10 compilations and not new (hot) stuff. This track is nice because the ultimate diva is giving her performance. Otherwise, it would be dismissed by many. Great voices need great songs to shine on...and on! But that's MY word for it.

Tommy said...

Yeah I agree, they've been doing way too many compilations for Donna.. As for me, I quite like this track, I'm just hoping some of her new material will be as good or even better..

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