Sunday, January 29, 2006

Visual Disco: Disco Fun with YouTube - Part One..

Some great disco videos (Promo videos and TV Performances) for your enjoyment on YouTube (gotta love 'em!). Sometimes it can be a little slow, in that case press "pause" and wait for a bit.. IMO, it's worth the wait..

I think somebody needs to put these on DVD..

Stargard - What You Waitin' For
Evelyn "Champagne" King - Shame
The Supremes - I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking (on Soul Train)
The Supremes - He's My Man (on Soul Train)
The Supremes - High Energy (promo video)
Ritchie Family - American Generation
Gloria Gaynor - Anybody Wanna Party (on American Bandstand)
Rufus & Chaka Khan - Any Love
Donna Summer - Try Me (I Know We Can Make It) (on American Bandstand)
Donna Summer - I Feel Love (live)
Donna Summer - Spring Affair
Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby (on Top Pop)
Oh my.. what is with that guy in the spandex? lol..
Eartha Kitt - Where Is My Man (Rockamerica Mix)
Joe Tex - Ain't Gonna Bump No More (on Soul Train)

and yes one more Donna Summer..

Since the early '80s when she had become a born-again Christian, she had long said she would no longer perform "Love To Love You..", but it seems she did in 2004. It's a bit shaky and blurry, but it's something.. If anything, she sounds great!
Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby (live in 2004)



Sexbox said...

When Donna Summer came to Chicago last year she surprised everyone when she sang "Love To Love You". I think she has finally come to terms with her past and realizes it's just a song.

Thanks so much for the "Spring Affair" link. It is my favorite Donna song from the 70's and seems to be a bit of a forgotten gem. Irnoically, whenever I go to a bar that is having a disco night, the DJ ALWAYS plays this track!

Tommy said...

Love "Spring Affair" too, love the whole "Four Seasons of Love" album as well.. One of those albums I go back to quite a bit.

I'm glad she's performing this song again too, I'd love to see her in concert one of these days. I'm glad she doesn't seem to be as rigid with her Christianity as she was in the '80s. I have to say, occasionally she'd get a bit too preachy for my liking on some of her '80s albums..

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