Saturday, June 28, 2014

Disco Delivery Mix #4:
Disco Pride '14 - Street Talk

NYC Pride, 1977. Photo from Autostraddle.

So Pride season is upon us here (WorldPride in Toronto, to be exact) and like last year, I had to make myself a little mix to listen to. Have myself a bit of a full dance card this weekend (Horse Meat Disco and Dimitri From Paris both playing at Toronto Pride's disco event, to name a couple of big bookings) so made this little mix rather quickly - in one try, which means this has a few more rough patches than usual. Hopefully that doesn't detract from the whole thing too much.. Should also say. didn't really choose too many obvious 'gay anthems' for the most part, barring at least a couple of selections or so, but all have a certain thematic relevance (or, at least I hope so). May decide to tighten this up in a few days or so, but for now, enjoy..



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Anonymous said...

Loving these Disco Delivery mixes. Any chance that you could post a list of the tracks on this one and #1? They're the only ones without 'em. Thanks very much!

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