Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disco Delivery turns three!

Which is what? Twenty or so in blog years? Anyway, I admit 2008 was a bit of a slow year on here, but it's still hard to believe this thing has been going now for three (!) years (well, three years and six days to be exact). With that in mind, I thought I might as well take this time to put up some re-uploads that people have requested recently.

First up is the Grand Tour - On Such A Winter's Day (1977, Butterfly) LP (Disco Delivery #49) that I've probably had the most requests for (I wonder if it's the weather..). If it weren't for my preoccupations and procrastinations, it's probably one that I would have done up at around Christmas time. It's still very much winter around here though, so now seems as good a time as any for this one.

Next up is the Cut Glass post from April 2007. Brought to you by the same producers behind the awesome Hott City project, the two tracks on that single - "Without Your Love" and "Alive With Love" have to be among some of the most sublime, soulful electronic late disco tracks out there. And that's not even counting the Hot Tracks Remix of the former, which was so amazing that when I first heard it, I thought my head would explode. (It's that good, people).. Not too hard to believe, looking back at the entry. In retrospect, I think I went just a teeny little bit overboard with that write-up. Depending on whether I have the time or the willingness, it's one that's due for a little editing.

Third and last (for now) is an upload for one of the more obscure 12'' singles I've posted on here; "Mutual Physical Attraction" by the little-known Quebecois disco diva, Eve John. It turns out that when I had bought the original 12'', I had inadvertently been cheated out of the original cover (not that I was complaining about the coked up disco lady on the generic sleeve that I did get). I had only realized this recently, when I had stumbled across a copy of the original sleeve (with the wrong record inside, no less) while diving through the records at my favourite local record haunt. I guess someone must have done some shuffling at the record store..

Also, just in time for DD's third birthday - my first actual blog award (yay!). Major thanks to Mike of the divine, often irreverent but always witty and hilarious Pop Trash Addicts, which is undoubtedly one of my regular blog pleasures (no guilt here!). Where else can one indulge in the latest in Aussie and UK pop divas along with the latest from Carol Jiani, Amanda Lear, LaToya Jackson and middle aged Spanish girl group Las Supremes de Mostoles and take pleasure in some unparalleled Photoshop artistry all in one place? Let me just say that I'm honoured to be in the presence of such blog fabulosity! I'm truly flattered. Thanks again, Mike! xo

To conclude things, a humble plea from yours truly.. At the end of this past November, my long suffering, overloaded computer finally got it's revenge and crashed on me. I kind of saw it coming, though not soon enough to back up all the stuff I really wanted to save. Regardless, it's done now, the new PC has ample space for more disco and other things.. However, I lost a couple of things that were, as far as audio files go, quite dear to me, namely the Nile Rodgers' BBC Record Producers episode that I had posted January 2007 and the I Feel Love - Classic Singles interview with Giorgio Moroder posted December 30, 2007. If anyone out there who had downloaded either of them still has the audio and is able or willing to send me a copy of either file, I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks for another year everyone!




M.E. Grant said...

Congrats and happy birthday. I see why I identify with the blog now. It's a Capricorn, like me.

Brad said...

Merry third, dear blog friend...I can't wait to see what's next :)

Anonymous said...

If you're taking requests :)
for reuploading, please, please, the long version of Follow Me.
Congrats on the award and birthday. Keep it up for many, many more years!
Dominic in Miami

LukeB said...

hi tommy

I will look out my audio of the Nile thing.

well odn eon the blog award - you deserve it!

I love the Grand Tour track, ever since you first alerted me to it! Amazing mood on it.

Mike said...

Congratulations on your third birthday! Disco Delivery is still very much in a league of its own. I'm just glad I could honour it in my PTA awards X

Tommy said...

Thanks everyone!

M.E. Grant & Brad - Thanks a lot! Funny you mention that the blog's a Capricorn, lately I've actually been noticing a pretty healthy Capricorn contingent on here :)

Hey Dominic, I'll put that one on the list. I definitely have some more re-ups lined up for the near future. Thanks!

Hey Luke, Thanks as always! And major major thanks for looking out for your audio of Nile's interview!! I'm glad you enjoyed Grand Tour! :)

Hey Mike, thanks again, I appreciate it! Pop Trash Addicts is the best!

Lady Bunny said...

Honey! Your site is so immaculately well-written and researched that you should sell it as a book--I'd buy it! Happy birthday!

Tommy said...

Wow.. Lady Bunny, thanks! I appreciate the kind words! :) I've had a couple of people bring up the idea of a book before, so maybe one of these days :)

Disco Lover said...

Thanks Tommy for the Cut Glass repost & happy birthday!
Kent :)

Disco Lover said...

Thanks Tommy for the Eve John post. This is new to me. I can count on you to find the most interesting music.
Kent :)

Tommy said...

Hey Kent, thanks! Glad you enjoy the re-uploads. As far as keeping it interesting, I do try. Thanks again! :)

PlayPause said...

Happy birthday !
Thanks for the great music

KungFuTrumpet said...


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