Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Queens of Disco with Graham Norton on BBC One

Look like there's going to be an interesting one hour doc on BBC One this coming Friday (March 10th at 22:35). Unfortunately I can't get BBC here, but I'd love love love to see this.. Hopefully someone puts it on BitTorrent *fingers crossed*

Here's what the listing says:

Profiling the leading ladies of the disco era, Graham Norton guides us through the colourful careers of Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, Grace Jones and Chaka Khan, as well as 'honorary disco queen' Sylvester and Madonna, who's recently gone back to her musical disco roots. With contributions from the queens themselves, plus seventies TV star Antonio 'Huggy Bear' Fargas, choreographer Arlene Phillips, songwriters Ashford and Simpson, and disco artists Verdine White from Earth Wind and Fire, Bonnie Pointer of the The Pointer Sisters and Nile Rodgers of Chic.

Sounds like a good lineup.. Madonna is sort of the odd one out here, although it's quite timely considering she's been channeling the disco image more blatantly than ever. Not to mention it probably won't hurt the ratings either; as far as I'm concerned, her first album was essentially early '80s disco anyway. Maybe she'll even talk a little bit about her brief stint in France with disco star Patrick Hernandez' producers..



Tommy said...

lol.. No, honestly I haven't.. I've heard of his shows, but I've never actually seen any of them..

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, but I'm not pleased they've shoehorned Madonna into it. As if you can't hear enough about her anywhere else...

Tommy said...

Yeah, I know what you mean.. She's obviously on there for the ratings mostly. Hopefully she'll contribute something worthwhile to the whole thing..

Tommy said...

£5,000,000.. yikes! He could probably sit around on his behind for the rest of his life and not have to worry..

I remember hearing about his show "So Graham Norton" several years back where he interviewed the likes of Grace Jones and LaToya Jackson. I get the feeling he's been overexposed since then..

Thanks for the Million Dollar Disco link, I love their site. I'm going to add it to the links..

Anonymous said...

Chaka Khan disco methinks not if they had done proper research as for madonna thats stretching it a bit too far perhaps. Norton well he's just about worth £50,000 pa tops. In fact he's not that funny anymore as he's been well over exposed.

Tommy said...

I really love Chaka's disco material, but I'm a huge fan of hers anyway... That said, I probably wouldn't call Chaka a "disco queen" on the level of Donna, Gloria or Grace either, don't think she was as closely associated with disco as they were. Still, I'm curious about what she had to say..

What did surprise me was that they didn't include Candi Staton in the doc since it seems she's doing quite well on the UK Charts these days..

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