Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Disco Fun with YouTube

Back again with more videos.. Some are actual promo videos, most seem to be lip-synched TV performances..

Among all the others, a couple of Cerrone classics which I'd never seen before, and a couple more Donna Summer videos. Seems like the Donna fans have really caught on to YouTube for some reason, tons of Donna videos up there. One of these days I could probably do an entire entry on just Donna Summer videos..

Cerrone - Supernature

One of my favourites.. Men in masks.. Be afraid! Any guesses on how much this one cost to make?

Cerrone - Cerrone's Paradise

A little more polished this time around.. Sequined dancing ladies! Yes! All clamouring for a piece of that hunk o' man that was Cerrone (Cerrone's Paradise indeed!).. One of two videos the Monty Python crew did for Cerrone (the other was "Take Me")

Shalamar - Take That To The Bank

One of their earlier hits.. Pre-Howard Hewitt plus a glimpse at an early Jody Watley workin' those dance moves..

Amanda Lear - Follow Me

Another favourite of mine.. A classic from what is perhaps one of Euro Disco's greatest enigmas..

Double Exposure - Ten Percent
Double Exposure - My Love Is Free

Love love love these songs, especially "My Love Is Free." Classic soulful Salsoul disco.. Both videos from Soul Train; "My Love Is Free" has a brief interview with Don Cornelius at the end..

The Ritchie Family - American Generation (on Musikladen)

Yes, another video of The Ritchie Family doing "American Generation," but this time in those infamous outfits from the album cover (yes, those outfits)..

The Trammps - Where Do We Go From Here

From Soul Train. A really really great tune from The Trammps.. Love how they even lip-synced that spoken part. There's a little interview with Don Cornelius at the end of this one also..

Chic - Le Freak

How can anyone not love this song.. The clearest video I could find of "Le Freak."

Donna Summer - On The Radio

"On The Radio".. live on TV..

Donna Summer - Bad Girls

Live from 1979, looking and sounding great!

Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free

One of the great soulful ladies.. A disco song with such personal, painful lyrics. Nobody can do this song like Candi Staton..

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Masterjam

A great track from their "Masterjam" LP.. Not to mention Chaka's looking great in this one!

Cookie Monster - Cookie

Cookie Monster does "Shaft" believe it or not.."He's shaggy, he's blue and he knows how to chew.. Cookie!"... Love the costume! I was about to post a video of Cookie Monster doing "I Lost Me Cookie In The Disco" instead, but they had taken it off YouTube for whatever reason..

Anyway, that's all for now..



Anonymous said...

the chaka khan and rufus video she loks so hott! She did her best work with Rufus imho.

Tommy said...

Yeah I love her stuff with Rufus.. I've finally got all the Rufus & Chaka albums now. Although I don't think she's ever done a bad album, I don't know if she's done anything as great as "Ask Rufus" yet.. Love that album!

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