Friday, June 20, 2008

The return of Grace Jones?

Although there have been sporadic leaks of information about her upcoming album "Corporate Cannibal" for several years now, after some of the false-starts of the past, I wasn't going to about to get too excited until something definite showed up. To be completely honest, I've long been meaning to write something about Grace on this blog, but for me Grace is just one of those artists whom I've so admired and cherished, that I've often felt too intimidated to even start. Her voice, her sensibility and her outrageousness - that mix of charm and utter recklessness in her persona has always fascinated me.

As far the latest comeback goes, I suppose there's less and less reason now to doubt it's imminence. Having performed yesterday at London's Meltdown Festival (curated this year by Massive Attack), and with the widespead press coverage and glowing reviews that she has recieved, I can only assume that this really is for real this time. She apparently performed four new songs and showed a new video for "Corporate Cannibal."

Apparently this is one of the new tracks.

Grace Jones - This Is Life
Uploaded by ImpatraZ

A video of the video for "Corporate Cannibal." Directed by Nick Hooker.

Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal video
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This is my voice, my weapon of choice.. More on Grace to come..



Anonymous said...

Yes, I like Ms. Jones! My personal favourite is 'Sorry' from her debut album 'Portfolio', mixed and produced by the legendary Tom Moulton.

Kenneth H said...

If this is one of the new songs I'm really looking forward to the new CD (whenever it's released). Very reminiscent of the Blackwell/Sadkin production from the early 80's. She's definitely not lost it...

soulbrotha said...

I L*O*V*E Grace Jones! Did you hear what I said, tommy? L*O*V*E! And that is why (as with the Labelle reunion album) I am going to keep my enthusiasm to a bare minimum until this this album drops and I hear the whole thing. I cannot take another disappointing "comeback" album from one of my favorite artists. With the exception of Al Green's fucking brilliant Lay It Down, everyone else has disappointed me. Mikki Howard, Denice Williams and dare I say, Donna Summer. Yeah sorry, but I just ain't feelin' that "circuit party" vibe.
One of the things that annoys me right off the bat about "This Is Life" is that her vocals are pulled back in the mix. Come on! Grace is about drama and confrontation! Remember "Put some Grace in your face?!!" Well this track sounds more like she's aimed a little too far off to the left of my face. Where's the bite? I kept turning up my speakers so that I could hear more of her!!
Eh. What do I know? Anyway, I got my fingers and toes crossed for her and Labelle.

M.E. Grant said...

The mix of quintessential Grace, a retro vibe and Caribbean flavor is very efficient. I hope this is an appetizer with a big entree to come, though. Is it a Sly & Robbie production? Another version of this track is on YouTube. Unfortunately only footage of her performing older songs at the Meltdown Festival is available now.

Unknown said...

This is some hot stuff... Is this one of the Tricky tracks? Or did someone else produce it?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too excited by new stuff guys. From what we heard on the night the new stuff sounded a bit too much like overproduced coporate rock with beats to be compared that favourably with the classics.

It was an amzing show though!!

Anonymous said...

Horrible crap!

Grace was best on the three Tom Moulton produced albums in the 70s. Really good DISCO!

She has totally lost her way.

-70s Grace please come back.

Anonymous said...

Slave To The Rhythm nor Inside Story had anything to do with disco. If she hadn't "lost her way" in the 80's, why does this one track men she has now? Fans need to let their artists move on.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting and has been too long coming!

Kenneth H said...

According to

GRACE JONES has signed a new record deal with the innovative Wall Of Sound label for the release of her new album 'Hurricane', her first for almost twenty years, which is set for release on October 27th.

Dazzling Dee said...

The album is produced by Ivor Guest.

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