Friday, December 22, 2006 update

*Updated January 13, 2007

I figure it's about time I update people on what's happened since I last posted about this company back in March.. This past July, I finally and thankfully received the CD of Debbie Jacobs' "High On Your Love" that I ordered back in November of 2005. Someone at the company had apparently seen my blog entry, tracked down a record of my order and proceeded to fill it. Although the sound quality of the CD is, in my opinion, less than stellar (for one thing the tracks on the second half of the album sound muddier than the first half); either way, I sincerely thank them for addressing my concerns and filling my order.

*Judging from the emails I recieved from them back in July, it seemed like they sincerely wanted to rectify any of the unfilled orders that they have. However disorganized they may have been, I really don't think they were out to deceive anyone. Since I originally posted this update, I've had a couple of people contact me through here about their unfilled orders and they've since been contacted, or attempted to be contacted by GetDisconnected. If anyone still has outstanding issues with them, don't hesitate to email them at either or or leave a comment below and they should get back to you.. If anyone is uncomfortable ordering directly from their webshop, GetDisconnected's reissues should be available at retailers such as, Perfect Beat or Dusty Groove. No doubt, you'll pay a bit more, but you'll have greater security..





Anonymous said...

I too have some negative feedback with regard to I had previously ordered the Ann-Margret Love Rush CD through back during the summer which I received from them promptly. Once I discovered that the CD was being marketed by Getdisconnected, I went to their website only to discover that they were putting out other reissues as well. In their upcoming releases section they were touting yet another Ann-Margret release which would ultimately include remixes and unreleased tracks. According to their own words " will not be disappointed." Well after waiting about six months for the release it finally becomes available - but to my disappointment it's an EP that includes only three songs. These are the same three songs that were previously available back in 1980 - and there are NO REMIXES and NO UNRELEASED MATERIAL included. In as much as I have read all the negative feedback about Getdisconnected on the web, I went and ordered the CD through their website. The order was placed on Dec. 13, my credit card was charged on Dec 20 and here it is Jan 4 and still no CD. I did place a call to their voicemail yesterday and as usual no call back as of yet. My advice to everyone - don't buy anything from these inept people who have no idea on how to run a business. They are truly one big joke.

Tommy said...

Hey there.

Thanks for the comment..

I'm sorry about your negative experiences with them. I didn't realize they released that 2nd Ann-Margret EP. It's nice to have those on CD, but I suppose they should have clarified that they weren't able to get any unreleased tracks for the release..

Hopefully someone will see your comment. I'll try emailing them myself and seeing if that will get anywhere.

Again, judging from your experience and that of others, it seems trusted online retailers like Dusty Groove, PerfectBeat are probably the best way to obtain their reissues.

Anonymous said...

If you had a problem with your order in the past, it is best that you email us at so we can take care of this matter quickly. It is much easier for us to get the details of the orders directly from you. It would also be a faster result than searching through a database of orders trying to find a match to a persons initials.

We can't track the customer "PM" above since he posted anonymously. Can't find an order with those initials. So if you are PM and read this, please contact us at

As for the Ann-Margret EP track listing. Yes, it contains 3 cuts for $7.99 and shipping is included since we never charge shipping for orders in the US. Each CD's track listing is clearly listed on the site for you to view before you purchase.

As for the gentlemen named Vance in VA, we have made contact with him and are taking care of his order from June of 2005.

Thank you and best wishes in 2007.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the following:
Disco Classics Volume 3' Rice & Beans Orchestra - Dante's Inferno,
Sabu & Celi Bee - Greatest Hits on December 22, 2006 05:55:04. I had payed by credit card and payent status shows complete. I have still not recieved product. I have e-mail getdisconnected many times with no response. I called and left a message, and a man named Ore returned my call. I explained the situation and he said he would get back with me. He didn't! I called again and left another message. No return call. I left another message today 09-14-07. I told him, if he did not call me back, I was going to file a complaint with Miami Police Department.

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