Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Buyer Beware: getdisconnected.com

*****Note: I've since received the CD which I ordered in November 2005. For more read the December 2006 update.*****

I really don't like spreading around warnings like this, but this is my last recourse now. Many disco fans were enthusiastic when this company getdisconnected/Harlequin Entertainment came along and started doing some disco reissues. There was all sort of hope that this company would "get it right." There have been other companies doing disco reissues, some fairly well, others not so well most notably Hot Productions which had released a huge volume of disco albums on CD in the '90s, and many of them being somewhat disappointing. Hot had a little note on all their CDs mentioning that they were "from the original master tapes" but when listening it was obvious that they had lied since many of those CDs were so obviously mastered from vinyl..

Anyway to my issues.. I ordered a copy of their Debbie Jacobs - High On Your Love CD back at the beginning of November from the getdisconnected/Harlequin seller on eBay. One month later, I still had not received the CD, so I emailed to inquire why. By this time there were already people coming forward with similar stories, having ordered directly from them and not receiving any of their CDs sometimes months after their credit cards were charged. They (getdisconnected) had replied to some of the complaints and had honestly seemed to want to turn the tide on that criticism then, so I was happy when they had replied back to me the same day. They had assured me that they would follow it up "tomorrow" and in the worse case scenario would "gladly reship the item," to bear with them since they were having delays due to Hurricane Wilma and so on.. Even though I was a tad worried about them implying that they had already shipped the item, I was otherwise assured by the prompt, polite reply...

One more month goes by, I email them again in January asking 'where is my CD?' and no reply. By this time I was sure that they did not send the CD, but nevertheless hoped that they would at least reply to my little email. I usually hate filing complaints about people (like giving negative feedback on eBay), but I did consider filing a dispute claim with eBay. Unfortunately, by that time I had waited much too long; with that option gone, I just waited, still hoping it would arrive..

One month later, still no CD.. I last emailed them on February 4th, and a little firmer than my previous emails I asked them to at least refund my money if they have no intention of shipping my CD. Certainly it was the least I could ask after over three months of waiting. Hurricane or no hurricane that's more than enough time to follow up on one single order. Mind you, this isn't my first time ordering from them. I ordered their first album reissue (the Poussez album) in Dec. 2004. It arrived one month later, but at least it arrived. Now, I understand it's probably not easy running a small business like that, so I don't want to say these people are crooks, but it's obviously a fairly disorganized business and I would strongly caution anybody when ordering CDs from their website (www.getdisconnected.com) or from their eBay or Amazon marketplace shops.. I'm usually right there supporting any company who's willing to reissue some classic disco albums and do what the majors have no interest in doing, but this is no way to run a business..

In closing, I won't be promoting any of their future releases until I have the CD I bought (or the money I paid) in my hands.. Again, I strongly warn anyone from buying directly from getdisconnected; but if you are interested in their CDs, it's probably better to buy their products directly from either Perfect Beat, Amazon.com, or any other large, trusted online retailer independent of getdisconnected/Harlequin, which I know I'll be doing in the future.. At least with them you have some guarantee about when it will arrive and some recourse if you are unsatisfied, and no, none of these stores are paying me..

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JMG said...

I worked with Hot Productions back in the 90's.

True story!

Tommy said...

Thanks ass2006! :)

Wow! I can't believe you worked for the infamous Hot Productions.. How did you end up working for them Joe?
It kinda seemed shady to me with that master tapes thing.. They put out so many disco albums on CD, even though many were taken from vinyl, I'm still after quite a few of those CDs..

JMG said...

I worked for JFL Distributors (now defunct) as their dance buyer. The biggest labels we carried were Hot, Pandisc, Murk, Cutting, Warlock, Luke. Hot was our biggest client label, they were in my office several times a week.

Tommy said...

Interesting.. Many of those labels sound familiar. I often come across quite a few freestyle records from most of those labels.. Sounds like it would have been a great job!

Anonymous said...

I had purchased 3 cds from them directly and over 2 yrs later I still haven't rec'vd them or a refund.

Anonymous said...

I ordered 3 cds from them over 3 years ago never received the discs or a credit to my card. It also seems that they have gone out of business too. Their web site is no longer active. Gee I wonder why?

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