Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I wanna suck your.. ooooh!

Andy Forray - Drac's Back (1979, Cachet)


So it's Halloween.. As luck would have it, I came across this single during my little (well.. my bank card may beg to differ) shopping spree at the beginning of the month, I figured now would be a good time to put it up.

Andy Forray was a British singer/actor who had been in a couple of movies, had a few singles to his name but was most notably part of both the original Broadway Cast and London Cast of Hair.. Aside from that I have no idea what else he's done, but in any case, he wrote and performed this little ditty and he does play a great disco dracula, if I do say so myself.. With cheeky lyrics and a playful deadpan along with that pic sleeve, it's a rather clever and amusing piece of disco kitsch.. The single was produced by Jack Lancaster, a multi-instrumentalist who, from what I gather didn't really have any other disco credits to his name. It seems he was mostly involved with various rock/jazz fusion projects like Brand X and Blodwyn Pig to name a couple.. Anyway, just cause I like 'em, check out some of the lyrics:

They're easy pickin's at the discotheque
I leave them feeling like they've been in a wreck
You know they wake up all wasted
And they never ever check
Those two small holes that I leave in their neck

Well if they were wise
They would soon realize
They're not hung over
They're just vampir-ized
'Cause Drac's Back

I wanna suck your..(oooh.. Dracula!)
Drac's back...

Love how they cut off our disco dracula after "I wanna suck your.." After all, what's a kitschy piece of disco without a little sexual innuendo? He just couldn't help it I guess...

Some more choice verses...

I went to New York City once to make my mark
I checked in at the Waldorf in the name of Count Choc.
I used to prowl that city when it was dark
'Til one night someone mugged me out in Central Park
So I had to go away, for many a day
But I'm such a nifty healer that I'm still here to say
Drac's back..

Ahh, New York in the '70s..

Just a few days ago, I found out about a 1982 remake of this by an anonymous outfit called Red Lipstique. You can hear their version over at Music Is My Boyfriend (sorry, dead link) along with, if you'd believe, some of your favourite cereal characters getting a little disco action for themselves..

Happy Halloween everyone!




Anonymous said...

This is a great disco novelty. I have the 7" since several years back, nice to finally hear the long version, although it doesn't differ that much from the edit. To stay with the Halloween spirit, another song I've recently come across is Soul Dracula by Hot Blood (a studio product). Perhaps you've heard of them. They made an album in 77', Disco Dracula, which I unfortunately don't own but the song is good.

Tommy said...

Thanks for the comment Kenneth! :)

I just remembered, a friend of mine gave me a YouTube link to a TV performance by Hot Blood's "Soul Dracula".. If I would have remembered, I would have posted that too.. Oh well..

Not to mention I found a copy of the Hot Blood album on eBay several weeks ago, but I missed the bidding :( Oh well, one day if I get a good copy, I'll put some of it up on here..

Anonymous said...

I don't even remember how I bumped into this page. Probably an obscure search for a disco song but never mind...
This is piece... is just... blooody!
I don't remember it from back then, I was a bit younger of course so maybe it was before my time.
Still, I'm stuck to it... DO something!
(that cut off is disco genious!)

Tommy said...

Glad you enjoyed it Arheos!

The cut off is probably my favourite part of the record hehe

Anonymous said...

can u get Andy Forray - Drac's Back in mp3 form looked nearly everywhere on the net.

Tommy said...

Just reposted today :)

starkd said...

YOU CAN NOW BUY ANDYS FIRST ALBUM (and singles) WITH DRAC'S BACK AND MANY MORE ON HIS WEBSITE... http://www.myspace.com/andyforray

Unknown said...

Andy Forray said it's actually "Count Shark" not Choc (it rhymes with park). Love the page and oh, I'm an American who has resided in London since 1966. Keep on sucking!

Maggan said...

The Bollock Brothers- Drac's Back
Found it on spotigfy, not a bad version, but Andy rocks!!

Madog said...

The lyric is in fact ;

Drac's Back...I wanna suck your..(oooh.. Jugular!) Drac's back

And of course, it makes perfect sense - the Jugular Vein in your neck is what a vampire would want to suck the blood out of.

It is suggestive with the Oooooh, but it is quite clean in the end.

Still a damned good lyric though and one of my favourite songs.


Radio Presenter
QLD. Australia

Unknown said...

I have the 12 inch vinyl of this. One of my favs. Picked it up in a junk shop on the Isle of Wight about 2 weeks after it was banned on the radio. Still drag it out and get a giggle out of it.....

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