Thursday, October 05, 2006

Housekeeping: File Links

I apologize again for the trouble people have been having downloading the files. For whatever reason I was having trouble uploading files to zShare, the service which I used to use, and my files kept getting deleted off Easy Sharing, so I decided to switch to something else. So far it's off to a bit of a shaky start. Primary links are now on Eggdisk, but I just found out my folder was still set to 'private' on there, which is why the links weren't working for people. Anyway, I finally solved that problem, so hopefully those links should work for everyone now.. Second links are now on Speedyshare, which seems to be much faster than zUpload.

At this point, if these services don't work out, I'm willing to pay for a good server to host my files. If anyone out there, other bloggers or anyone else knows of a good file hosting service, with good rates and so on, please please let me know.. It would be much appreciated..





Paul said...

Hi Tommy -- I use HDWeb for file hosting -- it's only $3.95 a month and allows you to store 500MB on their server... they may even have a larger filespace for a bit more. I have had no problems with them and there's none of those advertising pages first.. people can listen or download directly from your site.

Cheers! I still love this site to pieces!!

Tommy said...

Thanks so much Paul! I'll definitely check them out for the next Disco Delivery..

Glad you still like the site :)

Thanks again,


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