Thursday, June 29, 2006

No hittin' below the belt..

How do you spell 'Fierce'? Two words. Grace. Jones.

Grace Jones - Below The Belt

Grace performing "Below The Belt" from her 1978 "Fame" LP.. For sure, not your average live lip sync, as those poor guys in the audience soon found out.. If there's anything I must do one of these days, it's to see one of Grace's live shows. Ah, the stories I've heard..



Anonymous said...

Grace Jones is a braver woman than I. I watched some other clips of her on youtube and I've gotta say: If I were singing a song about anal sex, I don't think I'd run the risk of stage diving.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog and I think it's awesome! Your music choices are excellent and your research is impressive! I look forward to many more Disco Deliveries!

Atomboy said...

Wunderbar! The Jones rules! In a recent Popbitch there was a story that Grace demanded a huge amount of money to play at the GLC (London Ruling Council at the time) Closing Party just for drugs: we are talking thousands. Sadly, the Mayor turned it down as he did not think it would be a good use of public funds. Spoilsport.

Turn the Beat Around is a good read for sure.

Loving the blog - keep it up.



Anonymous said...

The CD where Below the Belt is from: "Fame" is IMPOSSIBLE to find! :( It has so many hot tracks (Autumn Leaves...)

Sexbox said...

hey, I hope you have given up on disco! I am still waiting for that "A Taste Of Honey" post! Oh, and if you are wondering about sayhey, check out or!

Tommy said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
I share your fear Connie, although judging from some of her stage antics, Grace probably wouldn't mind lol

LOL @ your Grace story Atom.. It seems she hasn't changed much heh..

Thanks for the kind words Michael :)

Not to worry Chicago_Sexbox.. I haven't given up on disco and I haven't forgotten about Taste of Honey either :). In fact, I'll be posting a new Disco Delivery in just a few minutes here.. Thanks so much for those Say Hey links!! Even though I haven't posted there in a while, I've got to admit, I was going thru withdrawal for a little while there..

dan said...

This video is Hilarious , Grace Rules,
And normaly there wil be a new cd release of Grace with all her disco tracks....

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