Monday, January 23, 2006

Diggin' the crates..

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It's been a long time since I've visited the fine used record establishments (one, in particular) here in Cowtown, Alberta.. Not that I had a whole lot of extra money or anything, I just really, really needed my record fix. Here are some of the goodies I came out with, look for some of the disco selections to be featured on here soon.. *wink*

-Vera - Joey LP (1983, Matra) - Little known early '80s Montreal disco, think a slightly darker, slicker Carol Jiani, Lime etc..
-Leslie O'Hara - Gipsy Boy LP (1978, Crocos/Les disques Martin) - A little known Cerrone production
-Denise LaSalle - Unwrapped LP (1979, MCA) - Sealed, some good disco/disco-influenced stuff on here..
-Madonna - Everybody 12" (1982, Sire) - Partially sealed with the picture sleeve that she apparently hated lol.
-Wilson Pickett - I Want You LP (1979, EMI America) - Excellent R&B/Disco LP by the late Soul legend..
-Gino Soccio - Temptation Eyes/Camouflage 12" (1985, Célébration/Quality)
-Carol Cooper - Tunnel Of Love 12" (1985, Profile) - Hot '80s dance/electro
-Niteflyte - S/T LP (1979, Quality/Ariola America) - Partially sealed.. was expecting disco, but got classy R&B/West Coast MOR instead.. not bad.
-Tina Turner - Foreign Affair (Limited Edition) CD (1989, Capitol) - No, not disco either, but one of my favourite Tina albums. Not to mention a sealed copy of the Ltd. Ed. Passport Edition.. Needless to say, I'm still afraid to open it..

A little aside: if there are any Canadian readers out there, hope you all voted today :-) I'll definitely be glued to the TV tonite!

I'm out..



Anonymous said...

This is the single greatest blog that has ever been and I plan on telling everyone about it.

If you haven't heard the word yet, have you checked out all of Ze records re-releases? I'm itching to get the entire Was (not was) collection!

Tommy said...

lol.. Wow, thanks so much, I really appreciate it! :D

Haven't checked out all of Ze Records' releases.. Not a label I am too familiar with to be honest, but I am briefly familiar with some of their acts - Was (Not Was), Material, Lizzy Mercier Descoux, Cristina through those "Mutant Disco" compilations they've been putting out lately.. I must admit, "Bustin' Out" by Material feat. Nona Hendryx is one of my favourite records :-)

Anonymous said...

You know "Deputy of Love," though, right? If not, I'll ysi it to you. You need that in your life.

"Everybody" is such a score. How's the Soccio? I don't think I know any of his stuff that's that late.

Tommy said...

"Deputy of Love," ooh yes, I have it hehe.. I had totally forgotten that I had it on mp3, that's a really good one too!

The Soccio isn't that great I have to say :-( The B-side "Camouflage" is just an instrumental of the A-side, that's a little better, but not by much.. The latest thing I have by him is a cover of "Love The One You're With" from '88 credited to "Gino Soccio with Do It To It".. It's not that bad, but it's pretty unremarkable compared to his earlier stuff..

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