Friday, September 12, 2014

Disco Delivery Mix #5:
Midnight Rendezvous +
Beam Me Up 2nd Anniversary & Bring Your Own Record Night

As some of you may have noticed, most of the musical content on here lately have been the mixes I've recorded from my turntables. Lately I've been trying to take that a little bit further and start DJing in actual places outside my apartment, in front of actual people. Luckily, the Beam Me Up boys - John and Dylan of A Digital Needle and Cyclist came along and invited me to be the opening DJ for the 2nd anniversary of their montly disco party here in Toronto. These guys have been setting it off every month for the last two years, so I can't thank them enough for being generous enough to let me play.. If you're in Toronto, come by tomorrow night (September 13th) at The Piston (937 Bloor Street W.). I'll be playing from about 10-11, and I'll be doing it on vinyl, plus there'll be all new visuals by the one Doc Dynamite, so drop in and say hi! (Note: there is a cover charge after 10:30pm)

Also, I've been DJing another little event nearby - the Bring Your Own Record night at The Steady Cafe & Bar (down the street at 1051 Bloor Street W.). It's been going now for the last two months and they're doing it again this coming Wednesday (September 17th). I'll be DJing from my collection, and if you bring a record or two in, I'll DJ from yours too.. Even if you don't have a record, come by and say hi, flip through the records I brought and tell me what you'd like to hear (there'll be plenty of disco, naturally).

With these two events on the horizon, I thought this would be the perfect time to take to the turntables for a little quick mini-mix. This one's about 50 minutes long, some kickin' disco bass, a bit of bad french and tattoo men, but hopefully a lot of fun..

Midnight Rendezvous by Disco Delivery on Mixcloud


Grace Jones - Sinning
7th Wonder - Do It With Your Body
The Miracles - Spy For Brotherhood (12" Version)
Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie - When The Shit Hits The Fan (Rocket Pocket)
Mavis Staples - Tonight I Feel Like Dancing
Webster Lewis - You Deserve To Dance
Tasha Thomas - Midnight Rendezvous
Michele - Disco Dance
Denise McCann - Tattoo Man
Nanette Workman - Save Me



Anonymous said...

such a great mix - do we get a tracklist?
thanks so much, hear it all day

Tommy said...

Glad you enjoyed the mix! Just updated the post with a tracklist..

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the tracklist -
have it on my mp3/in the car - love that mix! makes me so happy - thanks again,

Tommy said...

No problem at all!

Petra said...

Thank you, Tommy! Love this! Thank you for including Mavis, I forgot about that song. This will be fun while doing cardio

Tommy said...

Thanks Petra! Glad you're enjoying the mix!

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