Friday, April 25, 2014

Disco Delivery Mix #2:
A dive into the neon lights

Not that long ago (six months back, to be exact), I decided to get a couple of DJ turntables, so I could finally put some the vinyl I've accumulated to some constructive use (at long last). I have a lovely Technics 1600 already, which has served me well for home playing and archiving, but I figured I needed something better suited for DJing, if I wanted to start doing some mixes. Ended up getting me a second-hand Technics 1210, (basically the black version of the classic 1200) and a cheap knock off of one (still on a budget here), which I suppose will do until it breaks down or I get the funds for a proper 1200, whichever comes first. I've done it on digital before, even recorded a mix of sorts last year for Pride, but I figured since I have a collection of records already, there's no better way to start dipping my toes into a little amateur DJing than with the standard, time-honoured vinyl and turntables.

Back in October, I uploaded a few of my tries on the turntables on my Soundcloud. After some takedown issues there, I've decided to archive them on Mixcloud instead. You can hear some of those earlier tries here and here. Out of the three that I had done and uploaded, this is probably the tightest one, which might not be saying much, since there are still some rough moments here and there. Overall though, quite happy with it. A little heavy on the divas (as tends to be my preference), but hope some of you out there will be happy with it too..


Mary Wilson - Red Hot (12" Version)
Jean Wells - I Just Can't Stop Dancing (Remixed)
The Ritchie Family - Put Your Feet To The Beat (12" Version)
Queen Samantha - Mama Rue (C'est Moi)
Diana Ross - Lovin' Livin' and Givin'
Disco Circus - Over and Over (Peter Frost Remix)
Karen Silver - Hold On I'm Comin'
Tempest Trio - Do You Like The Way That It Feels
Sarah Dash - Low Down Dirty Rhythm
Claudja Barry - Trippin' On The Moon



Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thank you!!!

Tommy said...

Thanks Lulu!

Silk Electric said...

Pure classic disco!
Like it.

professor Eddy said...

Great performances by the ladies! Nice mix, Tommy.

Tommy said...

Thanks Gabriel and Eddy!


Great Blog !


Tommy said...

Thank you Guido.. Nice selections on your blog, btw.

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