Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Disco Delivery 3.0

Anyone whose visited the site in the past week or so may have noticed some visual changes here lately. It has been six years since I last made any major changes to the blog's appearance, so I figured an refresh was long overdue. It had been brought to my attention not long ago, how hard on the eyes the high contrast white-on-black of the previous layout could be. Since things can be a little text-heavy around here, I figured that was the first thing I needed to change. Still wanted to keep things as clean and simple as possible, but also take advantage of some of the new blogger features to help better navigate through the archives (see the Archive Navigation link, on the top bar) and as well, to connect this, the main blog, to all of my various Disco Delivery social media accounts (on the right).

While posts have been sporadic here, I've been thinking of moving this blog a little further along, from the mp3 blog which it started out as, to more of a personal disco archive (which it sort of is at this point, anyway). In the past several years, while researching things both disco and non-disco related, I've accumulated a bit of a digital scrapbook of vintage disco articles and visuals, so I hope to gradually share parts of that here in the very near future.

While some tweaks are still in order (I still have to clean up and organize the graveyard of on the right panel) I hope the new look here agrees with you all..



VanceMan said...

Clean and modern design ... yet cool enough for the disco to shine!

Petra said...

Thank you for this wonderful post!

professor Eddy said...

Looks cool, Tommy!

Tommy said...

Glad you guys like the new look!

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