Friday, April 13, 2012

Still Kicking

It has been well over a year since I've updated this blog, and aside from cleaning up the occasional spate of spam comments, I've basically left it alone ever since. So while I've basically let this blog become defunct since then, I'm glad there still seem to be people out there who seem to get something out of the blog posts (either that, or you've probably come to lift the pictures - no, I don't mind), even while most of the file links have since died.

On a more personal note, I've made some major changes in the past year, namely a cross-country move from Calgary to Toronto, opting to start a new life in a new city, leaving behind quite a few things, including most of my record collection (which is currently in storage). Also, in the disco world, companies like Big Break Records, Gold Legion, Funky Town Grooves and Harmless have been churning disco album reissues and compilations with unprecedented speed, quantity and quality in the last 2-3 years. For disco enthusiasts like myself, it has been exciting to finally see companies seriously tap into the appreciation around disco and of the original disco records with a level of consistent dedication and care never seen before. The things happening today on the reissue front seemed almost unimaginable in January 2006 when I started this blog as a bored 20 year old student in his parents' suburban bedroom.

That being said, with all that has happened there's likely less reason for this blog to exist now as there used to be. While I'm not quite as moved to write about records the way I once was, (I can hardly believe how much I did write when I was), I do still get the urge to put something down on something I enjoy every once in a while. With that, I figured I might as well revisit the blog and add some new content and update some of the old, as I get the chance.

I've managed to bring back a selection records from storage, not to mention acquire new ones with some regularity, so for those who may still be paying attention, expect some new content soon.



Silk Electric said...

Hey! These are good nes to hear from you.
I've following you on twitter (gabritoro).
Hope to see new content soon.

professor Eddy said...

I'm looking forward to your coming posts, Tommy!

Tommy said...

Thanks guys!

Patrice said...

Oh Great, YOU'RE BACK !!! Ireally missed your posts! This time, please stay!!! Thanks man ...Patrice from Paris (France)

Kenneth H said...

I'm looking forward to that. For someone like me who grew up during the disco days I'm also pleased there are companies re-releasing music that has been unavailable for so long. Good luck with your new life in a new city!

dj in reading said...

love reading these posts! :-)

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