Sunday, May 10, 2009

Disco Delivery on Twitter

Six months ago, I thought Twitter was the most inane, useless thing ever. That is, until recently, when I looked at at how many people I had started to follow, just through my own bookmarks... At this point, I figured, why resist it?

As far as social networking goes, I'm actually starting to prefer this now.. Easy and brief, and without either the privacy risks or restrictions of Facebook, it's much more open and inclusive.. Perfect for when I don't feel like writing long blog entries, which is most of the time, and which also means I'll be updating it much more frequently than the blog..

So, if you care to, follow me at:




Mike said...

I've been trying to avoid Twitter but maybe I should just give in. I look forward to your discotastic tweets!

M.E. Grant said...

I just joined the Facebook family, resistant all the way. It seems that there are far too many of these networks now, and hardly any impact to be felt from any of them, promotionally speaking. Good luck to us all.

NoTwit said...

Re: Nancy Martinez vid on Twitter.

You crazy, man? That dress ROCKS! It could use a different matching top, but really, she OWNS it. :o)

NoTwit said...

Ha! I didn't know Minelli could rap! That never got to Canada. Or maybe we ignored it? Dude, you've got to post these things on your blog instead so that we could all comment on the entries. Think of all the idiocies we could say!

While I love your thorough write-ups, it doesn't need to be like that for each and every post. My 2 cents. Love it all, though. xox

NoTwit said...

Re: Jeanne Mas

I always thought she was a total Gazebo ripoff. Mind you, I've always preferred boys. ;o)

Anonymous said...

The thing that makes your blog stand out is the ammount research of info that acccompanies each entry. Why change a good thing |?

Boba Fettuccini said...

I'm never gonna give in. i want Twitter to die in fire.

Kris said...

OK Thommy - I just added you to the (not so) many tweeters I try to keep up with...

Keep tweetin' my friend.

Hugzzz from Mtl

Lady Blacktronika said...

Oh my god don't tell me they got you too? Well are you able to post actual downloads like on here?

Tommy said...

I'm ridiculously late in replying to these comments, so my apologies..

Mike - Thanks! If/when you do give in, let me know! :)

M.E. Grant - lol.. Yeah I was resistant to join Facebook at first too. I was intrigued at finding out about all these people whom I went to school with, but at the same time a little uncomfortable with that as well, and how much people know when they become your 'friend' on there..

Hey NoTwit, thanks for the comments! :) Point taken. I probably should loosen up a little with my criteria, perhaps a little Disco Video post is on the way (haven't done one of these in a few years). BTW Liza's "Results" album is awesome, if you haven't heard it. Come to think of it, now that you've mentioned it, Jeanne Mas' "Johnny Johnny" does remind me of Gazebo a little bit. He was fine! Sorry though, just can't get behind Nancy's dress in that video lol.. Have to say I'm glad frocks like that are NOT part of the current 80's revival..

Hey Anonymous - Not to worry, not going to make major changes or completely abandon this in favour of Twitter. I'll probably remain as long-winded, and sporadic as I've always been! :)

Boba - haha, good luck! :) I'm wonder if Twitter will have staying power, or if it'll be the next Friendster (or Myspace, at this rate).

Hey Kris, thanks for the comment! happy to be one of the ones you follow! :)

Lady B - Yeah, they've got me too haha! I can, I suppose, but I tend to just post copious amounts of YouTube links, usually :)

Lady Blacktronika said...

Welcome back stranger.

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