Monday, April 14, 2008

An update..

This is a bit overdue, but I have to apologize to the readers/listeners out there for my latest absence in posting. Admittedly, I'm far from the most regular blog poster out there, but I've had a month to take a little break from the disco to catch up and take stock of some of the other things going on in my life which badly needed some attention. Before I turn into a drama queen here, I'll spare everyone the personal details. Just to explain things, back when I had started this blog, life was quite a bit different for me. I was going to school on somewhat of a full time basis, between jobs, living with the parents deep in the Calgary suburbs - there wasn't a lot around, except the abundance (at least compared to now) of spare time on my hands. All of those things had changed quite drastically towards the end of that year (2006), and I'm quite honestly surprised that I've kept this thing going for as long as I have. I'd still like to continue this blog, but for those who haven't gauged the pattern, the frequency of my postings tend to ebb and flow more than most. By that I mean, irregular and slow in such a way that seems incompatible with the very nature of blogging. It seems, despite what I've been constantly telling myself and hoping for, I just don't see my commitment to this blog changing anywhere back to what it once was. I'm starting to wonder whether I can or should keep doing this all by myself.

While there are people who keep their blogs and websites active with much more going on in their lives, with my own all-or-nothing, control-freakish nature, there are times when keeping this active is more of a challenge than it should be. Not trying to fish for compliments here, I've had many wonderful people give me some very kind words over the past two years, but being completely honest with myself, I've never really been a good or original writer, my technical proficiency in music is limited at best (the things that I once learned in Preliminary Rudiments have long since gone out the window) and as much as I love Disco music, it's getting harder to find original things to say and ways to say it. I've tried to do the best that I could with what I do have, but it's just getting harder for me to hold myself to certain standards.

So point being, even if I don't see myself doing this indefinitely, I'm not closing or quitting the blog just now, there are still things that I still wish to write about, but if anyone wishes to contribute to the blog, any reviews, essays, perspectives, etc.. feel free to drop me an email at the address on the left (see the suggestions link). Eventually, I'd like to somehow pass this blog project on to a group, or even just one other like-minded disco fan(s) who will keep things active on here, and hopefully compensate for my own inactivity.

- T.



Disco Jimmy said...

What makes this blog so special to me is the article that accompanies each post -- I read them thoroughly and try to apply what I've read to the track I'm listening to. Few if any other dance music sites delve so deeply into the history behind the track.

All in all -- well worth the wait between posts!

There are quite a few books out there that began their life as a blog. Maybe one day you could do something similar. (A book/CD combo?)

Disco Dolly
aka Jim Peterson (formerly of Washington DC, now living in Tennessee)

M.E. Grant said...

You should give yourself more credit for informative writing. The site would never be the same with external input, which makes the wait between updates worth it.

Anonymous said...

Dude I was a professional DJ from 78 to 87 and frankly I say props to you for even knowing what Disco is or the fact that you love it is an amanzing thing all it's own. Stop being so hard on yourself and write about what the music feels like to you.. aside from finding out about the artists and releases which frankly can be found on numerous sites these days. So enjoy it again, somewhere along the line it stopped being fun to you and thats why you are going through this..just have fun again!!!

Anonymous said...

I've got a blog too (not related to this topic) but I completely understand the feeling when you sort of 'hit the wall' and the expectation that you have to write something and get it out almost becomes a chore and overtakes the desire to actually share your passion for the subject (the fun part). Take some time out to regroup and what made you start will come back bigger and better, this blogging thing is like a drug!

Your blog is great and worth the wait, no matter how long it takes.

BoogieMan said...

I have to agree with DJ Colourzone. You hold yourself to a much too strict standard. You have to make it fun for yourself again instead of an obligation to others. As far as your writing skills, they far surpass mine and, I took courses on the darn subject.;) Hmmm, maybe that's why my professor said I'd never amount to anything.:D Anyway, I sort of went through a similar struggle but, then realized, I was judging myself against other blogs, all of which I thought were better than mine. I finally accepted the fact that, it's the variety in music choices and writing styles that make all these blogs, so unique and wonderful. You have to move at your own pace, don't feel obligated or fear that you're letting anyone down. You started this because you love Disco music. Take it back and bring it home again! You got the best darn Disco blog on the internet! Heck, I've learned more about Disco artists I grew up with, from your blog, than anywhere else. "Take your time, do it right, you can do it baby, do it tonight." -S.O.S. Band.

BoogieMan said...

P.S. Quality, not quantity. ;)

Tommy said...

Thanks for the kind comments, guys.. I appreciate it. That entry was a little hasty and overlong, at first I was meaning to post something else (which I posted just now) but instead that came out.. Anyway, I think I just needed to release myself from certain expectations or percieved expectations before I go on with things.. Thanks again.

BoogieMan said...

I don't think you were hasty, overlong or without merit in that post. We all need positive reinforcement Tommy, no matter how much we love what we're doing. It's normal and human (I was a Psych minor too). I've been sooo busy lately that admittedly, I've missed visiting your blog (and others) as often as I used to. Considering the sheer time and meticulous dedication you (obviously must) lend to each post, at the very least, a pat on the back is in order; even though that may not have been your intention. I know the amount of effort that goes into my own (albeit abbreviated) posts, so, I can clearly extrapolate the efforts on your part. Always appreciated Tommy, always!

ish said...

I love your blog and I am constantly impressed by how thorough your posts are. When I post albums on my own jazz blog I enjoy writing a paragraph or so, but it's just not as encyclopedic as yours.

But the bottom line is you gotta do a blog because you're enjoying it. If it starts to be a burden then you shouldn't feel guilty about slowing it down.

soulbrotha said...

Tommy, you have GOT to be kidding me!

Listen Boo, your blog has the perfect combo of music and information, filtered through the mind and heart of a true music lover! What else do you need?

Now, we shall have no more of this kinda talk from you! Listen to Tata and David (Cassidy) and...

♫♪Get it up, get it up for love!♪♫

Anonymous said...

Hi Tommy,

I don't mind if you take a break every once in while. I really enjoy your posts, so keep on going!


Anonymous said...

I understand that you have your own standards, and that you may feel that you've reached a point where you don't have as much to share as in the beginning of your journey...I respect any decision you take, but I totally agree with the comments above: it doesn't matter how often you update your blog, as it's more about quality than quantity.

I've always considered your blog as an amazing reference place, where you share your passion and knowledge in a very unique way, and I've discovered such great music over the years! Your writing makes the difference, it wouldn't be the same if it was done by someone else.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's nice when a blog isn't too ornament heavy. But other times the information is invaluable, especially when it comes to older or more obscure music. I couldn't even recount how many hours i've spent in vain surfing the net, trying to find release dates for things that no one seems to know, or have bothered to post. It has to be in the hundreds.

There is a lot of misinformation out there. I've learned through trial and error to try to check at least a few different sources for release year, etc. After awhile I can gauge which sources tend to be the most accurate. But I still have to go through the process. Even Discogs release dates are wrong every now and then.

I only discovered music blogs a month or so ago. Like your Isaac Hayes inquiry, I stumbled upon one by accident. After a few years of toiling away with Kazaa, Limewire and the like for hopelessly obscure treasures, it was like a revelation to me.

It feels like the kind of thing I should be doing myself. I have thousands of discs and albums. Though I don't have the means, the equipment or technical know how at this stage to do it. I tried ripping vinyl to disc with a stereo burner a few years back, but it's incredibly tedious and I wasn't able to come up with clean recordings. The vinyl is good, but my equipment was not. I don't even own a printer, haha.

But I can certainly appreciate how much time it is necessary to invest. It is much appreciated. Even without the technology to run my own blog, i'm wondering if maybe there might be something else I can contribute. Editorials, reviews, discographies, etc.

Sometimes bloggers won't actually have the music posted, but use their blog as a forum to give a shout out to deserving favorites, and leave links leading elsewhere to more information on them, or places to purchase.

Maybe an alternative would be to create a permanent index of all the disco music you have, or know of, or appreciate, post some of it, but only cherry pick certain ones to spotlight and do a write up on every week or two.

Anyway, thanks for the work and the sharing.


Anonymous said...

Please don't quit! Your writing is EXCELLENT, and you have led me to some discoveries of things i was aware of at time of issue but never heard due to location (such as Asha), and reintroduced me to things i had forgotten. If you can't be "regular" in time, you are certainly regular in quality (meaning consistently high) and that's what really matters.
On a rather emotional note: disco was the first thing to ever grip me passionately, and it's fading as an active form of musical expression is somewhat of a metaphor for the disillusions i've had in life in general since. It does wonders for my spirit sometimes to know that there are young guys like you out there who have the romantic spirit to appreciate this genre and share that appreciation.
Please stay on as much as you can!

Tommy said...

I haven't replied to the comments here in a while, but I have read every single one and I just want to say thanks for the kind words and suggestions! I really appreciate that you all took the time to offer your thoughts and to write such nice things. Honestly, I'm embarassed by this post now, and am considering deleting it. Even if I stopped posting, I don't think I could voluntarily close the blog, that will defeat the purpose entirely. At this point, I'm definitely continuing with things, even if it is at a reduced pace. Thanks again, everyone.

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