Thursday, March 13, 2008

Starlight Disco

'Professor' Eddy - Starlight Disco | LINK TWO

I was aiming to get another Disco Delivery up, but obviously, I'm a little behind schedule here.. Anyway, I'm working on getting one up soon, but in the mean time I have a excellent mix by 'Professor' Eddy Kielema that he sent over to me. Going from slow and sleazy to dirty, spacey electronics; I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't not put it up. This the very first guest mix on Disco Delivery, so I hope you all enjoy..

Here's the tracklist/overview written by Eddy himself. To hear another one of his mixes, go here..

Captain Mustard – Quiet Move (12”) (1981)

I don’t know anything about Captain Mustard. I think they are from France, but I’m not sure. They sound like a disco version of the French easy listening band Air (‘All I need’). This is the b-side of their single ‘Funky Burger’.

Saint Tropez – Belle De Jour (1978)

Saint Tropez are Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder (El Coco, Rinder & Lewis). I bought their single ‘Femme fatale’ in the eighties and I recently discovered this one. It’s from the same titled album. Their sound is heavily influenced by French bad boy Serge Gainsbourg.

Clara Mondshine – Die Dragentrommler (‘Dragon drummers’) (Pilooski Edit) (2007)

Clara Mondshine is an alias for German musician Walter Bachauer. This is originally from the album ‘Luna Africana’ (1981) that is produced by synthesizer guru Klaus Schulze. Mondshine / Bachauer mixes African ethnic elements with electronics on this track. The edit is done by French dj-wizzard Pilooski.

Jackson 5 – The Mirrors Of My Mind (1974)

Great closing track from their 'Dancing Machine' album. Motown wasn't quite into disco at that time, but this is a pretty good effort.

Imagination – So Good, So Right (12”) (1981)

One of the first albums I bought as a young teenager was ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ (1982) from Imagination. This is from their debut album ‘Body Talk’. I love their slick, space disco sound. Their piano loops have been copied on house records many times.

Herbie Mann – Hi-Jack (1975)

Jazz flautist Herbie Mann crossed over to funk and disco in the mid seventies. This great piece of work from his album 'Discotheque, which included Cissy Houston (Whitney's mum) on background vocals.

Universal Robot Band – Making Love (1977)

Space disco from dance pioneers Greg Carmichael, Patrick Adams and Leroy Burgess. Later on the main members of the Universal Robot Band would become R&B band Kleeer. This is from their album ‘Dance And Shake Your Tambourine’ (1977). That synthesizer solo played by Patrick Adams is just magical!

John Forde – Atlantis (1978)

This is from the excellent compilation album ‘Dirty Space Disco’ by Dirty Sound System.

Mistral – Starship 109 (1978)

Mistral is a space disco project from Dutchman Robbie van Leeuwen who wrote ‘Venus’ for Shocking Blue, a number one in the US in 1970 (and for Bananarama in 1986). You can hear him play Spanish guitar on this track as well.

Felix Da Housecat – Magic Fly (2001)

Mistral sang about a lost space craft, this instrumental track is about the opposite (I think…): a magic flight in space. This is a remake of a seventies smash by a French band called Space.

The Flirts – Passion (12”) (1982)

A brilliant Bobby Orlando ‘dirty disco’ production.

Chicken Lips – He Not In (Greg Wilson edit) (2002)

Greg Wilson was a well-known disco deejay in the seventies, before he started to play electronic soul and funk in the eighties. His mixes were groundbreaking for the house scene.

Eastside ConnectionYou’re So Right For Me (12”) (1977)

This group was produced by Harry Scorzo and released three 12" singles and one full-length album during the late seventies which included this disco classic.

Roxy Music – Same Old Scene (Glimmers Remix) (2006)

Roxy Music started as an art rock band in the early seventies, but became more and more a funk rock band by the end of the decade. This song is originally from their Flesh + Blood album (1980).

Risqué – The Girls Are Back In Town (1982)

They are well known for their space disco classic ‘Starlight’ (it’s on the compilation album ‘Dirty Space Disco’ by Dirty Sound System). I think this one is even better. Risqué had a couple of minor hits in the Netherlands before they disappeared into a black hole.




M.E. Grant said...

Space disco is my weakness, Tommy. Can you tell?

Anonymous said...

Perfect opening song!
LOVE Space disco! Made some great discoveries through this mix...

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best mixes I've ever heard! I love that Mistral track. That guitar sounds exactly the same as on'Venus' (same guy playing it I believe). For some reason this mix reminds of 'Pigs in space' from the Muppets... ;-)

Anonymous said...

thanks, another version of magic fly added to my collection :D

BoogieMan said...

Awesome photo of the Pleiades star cluster. (Named after) The 7 daughters of Atlas (Greek mythology) and half-sisters of the Hyades. They were placed among the stars to save them from pursuit by Orion (a winter constellation to the right of the Pleiades -northern hemisphere). Orion (in turn) was eventually slain by Artemis and then, placed in the sky.

David Corleone said...

Awesome blog dude. I'm from Rimouski, Quebec and I found your blog thanks to your fantastic entry about Guy Lafleur's disco album. I'll be sure to check out your blog as much as I can.

Maestro said...

Need this album.

Harry Thumann - Andromeda


Please upload it if you have access to this album.
Thanks in advance.

James Derek Dwyer said...

now that was tasty....

Tommy said...

M.E. Grant - I can definitely tell, it's mine too :)

Anyway, thanks for the comments everyone, I'm glad you all enjoyed this mix too! :)

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