Friday, May 12, 2006

Even More Disco Fun with YouTube

I got an email last week from a kind reader tipping me off to some disco videos on that I haven't put up here yet. The embedded YouTube videos never worked with Opera (my browser) which is why I never put them up before. They're up now though, as well as the direct links..

Anyway, enjoy..

Karen Cheryl - Show Me You're Man Enough

I hope you're ready for a big slice of euro-disco fromage, because I don't know if I was when I saw this.. Honestly, I had no idea who Karen Cheryl (link in French) was until I got this email, but check out those dance moves! I want to know who choreographed this shit.. I damn near spit out my drink laughing! Quite possibly some of the campiest dance moves I've ever seen! The song is sort of lame, but gotta love that video though; those clothes, the dancing, the lights.. the dry ice! Not to mention those dancers..

Karen Cheryl - Sing To Me Mama

If that wasn't enough for you, here's more Karen Cheryl.. Not quite the over-the-top spectacle that the last one was, but hell, it looks like it must have been the same choreographer..

Three Degrees - Giving Up, Giving In

A live performance (yes, live!) by the Three Degrees during their Giorgio Moroder-produced Euro-disco period. I believe that's Sheila Ferguson on lead looking fab in those blinding sequins.. A pretty good performance, If I do say so myself..

Roberta Kelly - Zodiacs

Speaking of Giorgio Moroder, here's another live vocal performance this time from Roberta Kelly, the other female singer produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. Apparently this was a big hit in Italy. Believe it or not, I remember hearing this song at the opening ceremony of the last Winter Olympics in Torino.. Just what IS up with that hideous yellow outfit though? Yikes!

Andrea True Connection - More, More, More

Okay I know this song is on almost every other disco compilation out there and is pretty much synonymous with everything disco, but I still haven't gotten tired of it. Produced by Gregg Diamond and mixed by Tom Moulton, this one is probably one of my favourite disco songs of all time. I honestly love Andrea's thin, porn-ish vocals on this song, it just doesn't sound right without it.. Music Is My Boyfriend has the backstory behind it, very interesting stuff.

Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real (on Soul Train)

Same as the last one. This one is on almost every mainstream disco compilation, not to mention on TV commercials and everything, but I still can't get enough of it. Such a great song. Even if she is lip-syncing, Cheryl gives an amusing performance to say the least. Just check out those facial expressions..

Kelly Marie - Feels Like I'm In Love

Mind you, I used to find this song quite grating, with Kelly's screechy voice and those Lady Bump-ish bloodcurdling screams towards the end. Somehow, this damn song has actually grown on me.. This the official video, which mostly consists of Kelly going around town with a couple of dancing sailors.. Basically, your typical low-budget, often cheesy (but fun) early music video..


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