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Happenings in the discoverse..

(10/07/09) Megatron Man: The Life & Times of Patrick Cowley
(10/06/09) And Party Every Day..
(09/18/09) Disco Discharge and Other Recent/Upcoming Disco Releases & Reissues
(08/07/09) Whitney does Loleatta
(08/04/09) Do You Love Your Robot Children?
(02/04/09) Vince Aletti's Disco Files
(01/19/09) Disco Delivery #58: Nile Rodgers - Adventures In The Land Of The Good Groove (1983, Mirage/Atlantic)
(01/06/09) Strange Weather - The Tumultuous Re-Emergence of Grace Jones (Part Two)
(12/31/08) Look for an ascot, a big cigar..
(12/24/08) Strange Weather - The Tumultuous Re-Emergence of Grace Jones (Part One)
(11/11/08) Chic & Johnny Mathis collaborations to finally be released?
(06/20/08) The return of Grace Jones?
(06/03/08) R.I.P. Barry Lederer
(05/30/08) Labelle reunion album on the way..
(05/15/08) Donna Summer/Cyndi Lauper album updates..
(04/17/08) Linda Clifford interview tonight on Strictly Confidential Radio
(02/20/08) New Donna Summer album coming in May..
(12/30/07) BBC Radio 2: Classic Singles - I Feel Love
(12/07/07) R.I.P. Mel Cheren
(09/30/07) Bobby Viteritti - A Night at the Trocadero..
(09/18/07) Twiggy does disco.. (with a little help from Donna)
(06/15/07) The Godfather of Disco
(06/11/07) Cocktails at the disco lounge..
(02/23/07) Article: Can You Feel The Force?
(01/06/07) BBC Radio 2 - The Record Producers: Nile Rodgers
(08/03/06) New deal for Donna
(03/08/06) The Queens of Disco with Graham Norton on BBC One

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