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The "Crisco Disco" album

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hmm.. I wonder what that he's planning to do with that giant greasy fist :-P

Brilliant cover! Not only the name of a notorious, long gone New York City nightspot but a common moniker for this infamous album. Definitely something I'd like to get a hold of one day.. So far I know that Slide - Easy In.. was a project by famed poet, songwriter and composer Rod McKuen. According to McKuen himself, it was a send-up of disco, or in his words "(of the) put a disco beat behind it and it will sell movement," so I'm not sure how it sounds. Even so, some of the tracks sound interesting especially "Don't Drink The Orange Juice" dedicated to noted singer and homophobe Anita Bryant and "Amor Amor" which, ironically enough, was a hit in parts of Europe. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're a collector) when they released the album there, they took away the uh.. suggestive (if that's the right word) original cover in favour of this ultra cheesy replacement (corrected link).. Very Important Disco indeed.. Not to mention the requisite sexy, anonymous female model on the inside..

Unfortunately it doesn't look like there will be a CD release anytime soon if Rod McKuen has anything to do with it.. Even if the album doesn't get reissued, a poster repro of the cover would do just fine.. Just curious if, on the off-chance, anyone out there has heard this one..

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JMG said...

I have been looking for another copy of Crisco Disco for 20 years. Unfortunately, mine was lost.

Tommy said...

That seriously sucks :(

Do you remember, by any chance, if any of the songs on it were any good? Not that it matters too much, even if they weren't, it'd be worth it just for that cover alone!

JMG said...

I remember liking the first side, but honestly today I would probably think the thing was pretty disposable.

Tommy said...

Well that's not too bad I guess.. At least it was half enjoyable.. :)

Anonymous said...

found it today in Amsterdam with the sleazy cover and all. Payed one euro for it. All in all a good buy :) Down to the 10 guilder note inside *grin* Double collectable here. I find it very enjoyable to listen to :)

Bearcubb said...

I remember the summer of 1977 when this album came out...I was a disc jockey at the Sandpiper Disco on Fire Island where Amor was a huge hit! Good memories! Is there a download? God Bless

devilcub said...

Music on it it mostly cheesy pop. "Amor" is not too bad for a disco cut. Reputedly it is porn actor Bruno's arm in the can...

albert Romano said...

Mike uncle is Hank Pagani the owner of Crisco Disco. I heard alot about it. It was before my time. I think it should re open before my uncle passes. People talk great things about that place.

cannibalgod70 said...

In all my years of collecting I never met a copy of the US gatefold cover in the flesh. One of my holy grails. Someone should post this image on Discogs.

For a "put on" disco record it's pretty successful - danceable, celebrity, wry wit and those strangely haunting 70s strings and keyboards. Allegedly McKuen wrote and recorded the songs with a Caribbean cruise ship band. I think the ship docked in Florida hence the nod to Anita Bryant who was receiving a national pelting at the time for her outspoken meddling in politics between church and state.

I have a big disco collections and a big Rod McKuen collection. This disc definitely sits in my top ten on both lists - if only for the madness of Easy In and Full Moon Over The Ansonia Hotel. A vinyl reissue would be most welcome.

Anonymous said...

I'm a DJ from the 70's and still have the THE CRISCO DISCO ALBUM. I did like and played the cut AMOR. I was working in a very popular club in queens called the ARENA at the time. My two favorite dj's who inspired me were Larry Levan & nicky Siano. Those were best days of my single life. DJ VIC

Christopher Duquette said...

The first time I went to Crisco Disco it was PACKED with sweaty shirtless sea of black gay men dancing to the Original's "Down to Love Town". I was "discovered" by a photographer one empty Sunday night in 1976 to model bathing suits. I talk about this experience, more on Crisco Disco, and more clubs that I frequented in my book:
Homo GoGo Man,
by Christopher Duquette
available now on DonnaInk & Amazon

daddycubsd said...

The album cover is the main reason to own this. The disco cover of Amor is only OK. Don't Drink The Orange Juice is a camp relic of it's time. The rest of the album is not memorable at all.

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